Friday, February 6, 2015

The Funhouse Show Post #3 - Unknown Date, 1985.

The Funhouse posts have been overwhelmingly popular, so here's another one.  This is only 45 minutes of the normal 2 hour show from an unknown date in 1985.  The original master tape that this was digitized from appears to have been in rough shape as can be heard on this mp3 file... especially at the beginning of the recording.  But be patient - it sounds better as it goes along.

If you're not familiar with Funhouse, read the previous Funhouse posts HERE and HERE for some insight and background.

Since this one is cut short, there's no show calendar included making it hard to pin down the exact date.

DL:  The Funhouse Show - Unknown Date, 1985.

If you have any old Funhouse tapes laying around, please get in touch!  I want to help you get them digitized!


  1. End result was a great Houston punk band.i was told they didn't record.that they were strictly live.i saw them at the fuzzgunn back in the early 90's.cant find nuttin'bout'em.

  2. the Funhouse Show is what turned me into the fuck up at age 49 that i am. Yea,I wanted it,but so did Eve....right? Now I'm a homeless welfare recipiant w/ Hep-C...the good life!