Friday, November 7, 2014

The Funhouse Show Post #2 - November 11th, 1985

I figured it was time to put up another old recording of the Funhouse Show - so why not post an episode that is 29 years old this week - from November 1985!  It blows me away that this is 29 years old - it seems like yesterday to me.

For those unfamiliar, you should go back and read the original post I made about Funhouse, here.  This episode is just as great as the last. On the second half of the show, Chuck goes into the calendar along with help from Ronnie Gates of Cabaret Voltaire (the former Houston venue, not the band).  Man, there were a lot of killer shows at Cabaret Voltaire around that time.

I cannot overstate the importance of having something like this show, for two hours every Monday night, coming over the FM airwaves.

DL:  Funhouse Show - November 11th, 1985

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