Monday, November 10, 2014

Bayou Pigs - "Rehab Messiah" LP

Bayou Pigs were a Houston psychedelic rock/grunge/punk band who were a staple of the Houston scene in the late 80's and early 90's.  These guys were the opening band on many, many shows that I attended at the Axiom in the early 90's - I saw them countless times.  This LP and the track on the "Houston Loud" compilation (both released on the label run by Pain Teens members, Anomie Records) would be the only output released by the band (to my knowledge).  Members from the Bayou Pigs can also be heard doing their thing in/on many other iconic records of the time, including releases by Noodle, Ed Hall, The Paranoids, Pong, Sixteen Deluxe, Academy Black, Toxic Karma, and many others.  

My copy of this record, likely from playing it so often when I was younger, skips a few times throughout the songs on the b-side.  This can be heard when listening to the mp3's included below (notably on tracks 6 and 8).

1990 Anomie Records

1.  Toxic Karma
2.  More Than Tension
3.  Chasin' After Jericho
4.  Don't Go Down To The Bayou
5.  Deep Hate
6.  Gear Grinding Rainbows
7.  No Easy Way
8.  90 To Nothing
9.  Beer Cans And Halos


  1. Saturday Jan 31 Dave is having his 50th birthday at Rudyards.

  2. Thanks for posting man this hard to find album!