Monday, November 17, 2014

Eleventh Hour - "Sifting Through The Ashes" 7"

Eleventh Hour was a mid-90's hardcore band from Tyler, Texas whose 7" was self-released on guitar player Darin's own label, Ballyhoo Withdrawal records.  From Eleventh Hour's Facebook page:

Eleventh Hour formed in 1993. They disbanded during the summer of 1997 having had four great years of playing, growing, and learning. In 2002 they returned to play two shows, just for the hell of it. During December 2007 and January 2008 they reunited to record two new songs, there first new recorded material in nearly a decade. 
Eleventh Hour began as a cover band with the intent of playing the songs they would never see performed in Texas. This did not last long. They could not resist the urge to write and play their own music with their first few shows being with Worlds Collide, Shelter, 108, and Earth Crisis. They developed a name for themselves as "that hardcore band from Texas" and began to play more in and out of state. 
The real break came after they released the 7" "Sifting Through the Ashes" and were offered Bloodlet's slot on their U.S. tour with Chokehold. They then went on tour numerous times including another tour with Chokehold. During this time they released two songs on two compilations: "Fault" on the Uprise Records CD compilation "The World is Yours," and "Policy" on the Goodfellow Records CD compilation "The Difference Between Us." Eleventh Hour came to an end in 1997. 
The reunion tour of Strife in 2002 sparked the band's desire to play two final shows - the first with Strife and Rise Against in Austin, Texas and the second and last show in their hometown of Tyler, Texas. Continued friendship and a shared love of hardcore brought members of Eleventh Hour together in the winter of 2007-2008 to record new material. 
Over the years Eleventh Hour played with many great bands to include: 108, 454 Big Block, Bikini Kill, Bloodlet, Ceed, the Champions, Chokehold, Level, Crowbar, Culture, Deadguy, Despair, Direction, Disembodied, Earth Crisis, Endeavor, F.O.D., Frodus, Hatebreed, Integrity, Life of Agony, the Norman Mailer Group, Myra Mains, Produkt, Resurrection, Richochet, Rise Against, Rocco, Shelter, Sick Of It All, Snapcase, Strife, Threadbare, Type-O-Negative, Vice Grip, Worlds Collide, Written in Blood. 
Members of Eleventh Hour have played and performed with various groups such as 1066, The Coffin Boys, The End of Julia, The Worms, The Conversation, Rockett Queen, Pop Unknown, Total Chaos, Scara Brae, One Against Many & Hallowmass.

Track listing:

1.  Torch Passed
2.  Walls That Confine
3.  Actions Defined
4.  It's Our Disease

DL:  Eleventh Hour - "Sifting Through The Ashes" 7" (via MF)

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