Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Various - "Great Big Pile" Compilation

Great Big Pile was a compilation of primarily Houston area bands, released in 1992. The common theme here (I think) is that all of these bands had recorded their tracks at Deep Dot Studios, in Houston. The majority of the bands on here are grungy 90’s punk and hard rock, with a few exceptions.

Amazingly, this CD is still available from Deep Dot Records HERE and therefore this download will only be available for a short time. If you download and enjoy this compilation, please consider purchasing one as the label is now donating all proceeds from sales of the comp to a Houston homeless shelter.

1992 Deep Dot Records

1. Sad Pygmy - “Unimpressed”
2. Toxic Karma - “Six String Strangler”
3. Brown Paper Dog - “His Gramma”
4. Dixie Waste - “Sam Hill”
5. Humungus - “The Politically Correct Song”
6. Mortal Corpse - “Emerging War”
7. Manhole - “Neurotica”
8. Voodoo Chile - “Candlestick”
9. Personality Crisis - “Long Way To Go”
10. Big Texas Radio - “Motor City”
11. Sons Of Adam - “I Don’t Mind”
12. De Schmog - “C.O.T.S.”
13. Feared Alien Voodoo - “Succumb”
14. Retardo Al Dante - “Juicy Lucy”
15. Squat Thrust - “Math”
16. Rusted Shut - “Kill”

DL: "Great Big Pile" CD Compilation (via MF)

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