Sunday, January 31, 2010

v/a: "Houston Loud" compilation LP

This comp was a "who's who" of the late 80's Houston weirdo punk music scene, as well as a look into the future of Houston music to come. Released on the Pain Teens own Anomie Records, the LP not only (of course) has tracks by the Pain Teens, but also two other bands featuring various Pain Teens members (Non Dairy Creamers, Ms Carriage And The Casual Tease). In addition, you have the vinyl debut by the mighty Sugar Shack as well as tracks by Grindin' Teeth (featuring future members of Rusted Shut), Bayou Pigs (future members of Academy Black, Noodle, and The Paranoids), Dresden 45 (featuring renown poster artist Uncle Charlie), Blind Ignorents (of which one member would later form Spunk), and da Plug Uglies.

I went to the record release show for this comp at the Axiom and remember it quite fondly.

1989 Anomie Records

1. Sugar Shack - Got A Match
2. Blind Ignorents - Pieces Of Santa
3. da Plug Uglies - Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
4. Non Dairy Creamers - Chuck
5. Grindin' Teeth - Glue Factory
6. Ms. Carriage and the Casual Tease - No Salvage
7. Pain Teens - E.K.G.
8. Bayou Pigs - Rise Up
9. Pain Teens - Geraldo 666
10. Grindin' Teeth - Red Star
11. Non Dairy Creamers - Ya Gramma Knows
12. Ms. Carriage and the Casual Tease - Where The Sun Is Frightening
13. Dresden 45 - Pipe-Fittin' Man


  1. Just looking for this the other day. Thanks

  2. This is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  3. hey! great blog!
    I just show your blog to my girl, she's from texas, and we have been listenin' to all the cool stuff you got here.
    A lot of good music has come out of there, and it's really cool to find a blog like this, by the way, have you heard Mayo Thompson? all I know, he's texan, and has some pretty good records, by his own, and with the red krayola...

    anyway, I was wondering if by any chance you could upload, if possible, the bayou pigs album "rehab messiah", i just can't find it anywhere...

    thanks, man

  4. the memories i was hanging with mt buddy steve cook when i heard ths album at the time he was playing with da plug uglies rememoring sybil of grinding teeth scott ayers of the pain teens as well of the non dairy creamers JR slapping the bass for sugar shack and yammer fronting the bayou pigs very cool time thank for posting!!!!

  5. I know where my copy is right now. The cover art is as cool as the music.