Thursday, February 4, 2010

v/a: "Live At Emo's" compilation CD

This compilation is comprised of mostly Texas bands with a few high profile non-Texas bands thrown in (most likely to entice non-Austinites to buy it), all recorded live at Emo's Austin to glorious ADAT. Why do I know it was recorded to ADAT? Because a band that I used to be in played one of the nights that some of these recordings were made (Nov 12th, 1993, the same night the Seaweed & Glorium tracks were recorded), and our entire set was recorded that night. We had hopes that we would be included on this comp, but didn't make the cut for obvious reasons. I still have one of the ADAT tapes from that show in a box buried in my closet somewhere.

That being said, this brings me to my next question: Did all the bands keep tapes of their shows, and do these exist somewhere? Is there an entire unreleased live Cherubs recording (or Gut? or American Psycho Band? or ANY of these bands?) out there somewhere, waiting to make it's way to the internet for all to enjoy? If so, i'd like to know.

1994 Rise Records

1. The Didjits - "Captain Ahab"
2. FuckEmo's - "Your Lies"
3. Gut - "Fresh Fish Surprise"
4. Ed Hall - "Bullshit"
5. Cows - "Plowed"
6. Cherubs - "All Chickened Out"
7. Noodle - "Crack Baby"
8. Seaweed - "Baggage"
9. Glorium - "Mother Machine"
10. Sockeye - "Slicin' Technique Off The Top"
11. Chaindrive - "Sad Sack"
12. American Psycho Band - "Ice Queen"


  1. I know the full Noodle set exists somewhere

  2. Grüße Fräulein, Sturm-Verbot-Führer, the flaim of Danny left the cabinet a few years behind

  3. I was there for almost every single one of these shows. Fun times -- thanks for putting this up. Still trying to remember, no pun intended, who played with The Muffs in winter 93 or 94.

  4. You're right, Mark, because I learned the Noodle songs that weren't on the ep from that tape. I might have it in my pile of "tapes I need to convert to a digital format."

  5. I'd love to hear the Cherubs and Ed Hall in their full entirety. What an amazing piece of heaven that would be. Great post.