Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Paranoids - "Vintage Piss & Vinegar" EP

Great catchy garage rock from The Paranoids, from Austin. I believe that this was the last release on Rise Records, which if I remember correctly was from 1997... but I could be wrong. In addition to this record, The Paranoids had singles on Bunkhaus, No Lie, and various songs on compilations, including the "Live at the Blue Flamingo" LP already previously posted on this blog.

The Paranoids will be part of the upcoming BLUE FLAMINGO REUNION shows, and will be playing a reunion show with many other Blue Flamingo-era bands on Saturday May 1st at Emo's! More info about the show can be found HERE.

1997 Rise Records

1. Slow Down
2. Give It
3. Enough
4. Vino Rose

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