Thursday, February 11, 2010

Agitators - "No Brakes" 7"

Agitators were a Dallas area punk rock band whom I met after they played a show at The Axiom in Houston in probably 1991 or so. I instantly liked them, and they ended up being one of the bands who I interviewed for the first issue of my zine. Members of the band and I kept in touch, and I ordered this record immediately upon hearing from one of them that it had come out. I apparently stuffed the letter that their drummer Clint wrote me when sending the record, only to find it again the just the other day when I pulled this one off my shelf:

Musically, they kinda remind me now of Naked Raygun with a slightly more "rock'n'roll" edge. Other than this record, the band also had a song on the "Hardcore Breakout USA" compilation on New Red Archives records.

1991 Direct Hit Records

1. I Can't Wait
2. Circus
3. Where Do I Sign?
4. Weekly Plans
5. Agi-Intro


  1. Really want this file, but the Mediafire thing is just not working for me. Do you use anything else to upload to?

  2. Figured it out. Now I am good to go.

    Mediafire does not seem to like Firefox. Had to switch to something else.

  3. Hey guys. I'm selling this record on Ebay right now. My Ebay user name is "LECHEROMUERTO"