Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Brown Paper Dog - "With Corns b/w Pudwack" 7"

I can't tell you too much about this band, except that they played around Houston in the early '90s and put out this single in '92.  They had a very dirgy, bass-heavy sound that was catchy but dirty and somewhat punky (tho I wouldn't exactly consider them punk).  I guess the closest comparison I could think of musically would be Killdozer, but Brown paper Dog were a bit more groovy and not quite as weird as them.
I saw them play several times, so I know they had a bunch of songs, but as far as I know this single and one song on the "Great Big Pile" compilation are all that was ever released by them.

1992; Double Naught Records

1. With Corns
2. Pudwack

DL: Brown Paper Dog - "With Corns" 7"


  1. Trevi Biles is now in Venomous Maximus. If anyone wants one of these singles there are several hundred at the Sound Exchange in Houston.

  2. Saw them back then at the fuzzgunn.they were bad ass

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