Friday, March 18, 2016

v/a: "Texas Bashing II" 7" Compilation

This 7" compilation came out in 1992 on Kaniption Records out of San Antonio, and featured a swath of Texas punk with Houston, Austin, Dallas and of course San Antonio all being represented.  This was the second in the series - for some reason I digitized this one first instead of volume 1.

1992 Kaniption Records

Track Listing:

1.  Dixie Waste - "Let's Go"
2.  Refractory Period - "Chick Beater"
3.  Nuklear Fishsticks - "Wasting Time (live)"
4.  Stretford - "Pogo On My Own"
5.  The Havenots - "Patriotism"
6.  The Dispicables - "We're Not Gonna Change"

DL:  v/a: "Texas Bashing II" 7" Compilation


  1. These are all awesome! Do you have a copy of "Get Knifed" by FFGs?

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