Friday, October 9, 2015

Angkor Wat - "When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake!" LP

Angkor Wat were a band from Corpus Christi who were around in the late '80s to the early '90s.  Their first album, "When Obscenity Becomes the Norm... Awake!" was one of the last really good crossover albums released in the '80s (most of the crossover bands of the time had moved on to technical metal or something along those lines at that point).  Their second album was a lot more metally, with some industrial touches, which would pan out when two of the members- Adam Grossman and Danny Lohner went on to form industrial metal band Skrew (and of course Danny famously went on to play with nine inch nails).  Another member, David Nuss, went on to be in the No-Neck Blues Band ensemble in New York.
I saw Angkor Wat play in Houston several times, and they always put on a good show.
Here is their debut album in it's entirety (there was a cd that came out that had both of their records on it, but it omitted 2 songs from the debut- "Died Young" and "Prolonged Agony/ Ricky", two of the most hardcore songs on it).

1989 Death Records

1. Innocence '89
2. Something To Cry About
3. Seat of Power
4. Prolonged Agony/ Ricky
5. The Search
6. Awake!
7. Under Lock and Key
8. Emotional Blackmail
9. Warsaw
10. Died Young
11. Circus of Horrors/ Civilized

Photo I took of Angkor Wat at The Axiom, Houston Tx; 1989

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