Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Cryin' Out Louds - Self-titled LP

Someone requested this record about two years ago... so here it is. Better late than never, I guess?  The Cryin' Out Louds were an Austin garage rock band who had songs on a handful of releases, including a great 7" on Rip Off Records and a split with The Motards on Little Deputy Records.  This LP came out in 1995 on No Lie Music.

1995 No Lie Music

1. Mescal Rose
2. Action
3. This Hammer
4. Mental Case
5. Highway Child
6. Here & Gone
7. Cut Off
8. Backroad Chase
9. Hell & Back
10. I'm Possessed
11. Jack The Ripper

DL:  The Cryin' Out Louds - Self-titled LP