Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Boozers / The Reds - split 7"

The Boozers were from Dallas and offer 3 songs of drunken punk rock'n'roll on their side of this record.  On the other side, The Reds from Denton offer two songs, including a cover of The Pagans "Dead End America". The most noteworthy thing here is that The Reds are comprised of 3 of the 4 members who would eventually go on to be in The Marked Men. This would be just one of many records released by both bands, and the first ever release by The Reds.

1999 Turkey Baster Records

1. The Boozers - "Unglued"
2. The Boozers - "Our City"
3. The Boozers - "Blast Off City"
4. The Reds - "That's Alright"
5. The Reds - "Dead End America"

DL: The Boozers / The Reds - split 7" (via MF)


  1. hello dude , i'm looking for the other Reds records , have you got thats ?
    thanks in advance.

  2. .....and sorry dude , i'm looking also for the Cryin' Out Louds LP