Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fatal Flying Guilloteens - "Ask Marie Antoinette" 7"

After their debut 7" on Twistworthy Records and a second 7" on Peek-A-Boo Records, Houston's Fatal Flying Guilloteens made a jump to the "big time" in 1999 by adding a bass player for the first time and moving to the premier garage rock label of the era, Estrus Records.  

C.J Drag from Albuquerque's garage punk mainstays (and Estrus labelmates) The Drags filled in on bass for this recording.  After recording at Sweatbox all day, this line up played a show in Austin that night around the corner at from the studio at Bates Motel with the Guilloteens occupying the middle slot after openers The Wontons and before The Kiss-offs.  This ended up being the legendary final show at Bates Motel where, after the Kiss-Offs finished playing, many of the attendees absolutely destroyed the venue.  I mean, actually destroyed it.  Barstools and cinderblocks thrown against huge plate glass mirrors, walls knocked down, toilets ripped out of the floor, etc.  It was reported as a "riot", but, as someone who was there, it never seemed to get too out of control.  It was a fun night though.  Here's some dark, post-show video from that night, showing members of the Kiss-Offs packing up their stuff while a dude is breaking out a window inside the venue with an axe (?!?), with the police eventually showing up:

As for this record, it's a classic.  "Shake Train" and "Blood To Paper" are two of my favorites from the early three-piece era, and to hear them with bass when this came out really took things to a new level.

1999 Estrus Records

1. Shake Train
2. H is for Harlot
3. Blood To Paper
4. Never Underestimate an American

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