Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Housecleaning, Link re-ups, etc

I went through and re-upped every bad link with a couple of exceptions:

1. A few bands and labels have asked for their stuff to be taken down, and I have done so.

2. There are a few records where I cannot find the digital copy on my hard-drive (for example, the Blondie covers comp).  Hopefully they're on another computer somewhere.

As for new posts, yeah, that'll happen sometime.  Maybe with less words accompanying the posts, but yeah.  A lot of people have sent in records for me to post up here, and I plan on getting to them...for reals.

Does anyone still look at this blog and/or what more stuff posted?  Leave a comment.



  1. Waiting for this blog's triumphant return!

  2. hi there! nice to see some activity 'round here after a while :) many thanks for the great shit i found here (right now i only remember early motards singles, the jewws, negative step and 'a curious mix of people' comp). i'd definitely like to see more stuff posted/reupped (that blondie covers comp sounds really interesting), especially of raw early 90s garage variety :) thanks again for all the cool stuff and all the best for the time to come!

  3. This blog rules, please continue!

  4. I still look at this from time to time. Just sayin'.


    I recommend it all the time to people who request things from before my time over at

  6. How can we place our music on?

  7. I'm sure Jason Butler has a copy of the Anomie cassette they threw into the crowd at Blondies when them, 1066 and New Year all broke up after one last shindig. Anomie was thoughtful. I have an extreme fetish for their music and didn't get my hands on a copy. That would be a killer Texas Punk Treasure Chest upload. I don't its kind of specific to my selfish wish, but wouldn't a lot of other people benefit from having that on iTunes as well? Also Bicycle Pilot would be good. I had that, but it was never released. There is tons of stuff I would love. Contradicks.

  8. I have heard a lot of amazing stuff that I may have never heard because of this blog, thanks!!!!!!