Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CarBomb & The Trigger Quintet in a garage in Grand Haven, Michigan - June 6th, 1995

Back in the summer of 1995, Carbomb from Austin and The Trigger Quintet from Houston set out on a 6 week tour of the eastern United States and Midwest.  We played super fun shows almost every night, but like just about any tour, the trip had a few unfortunate incidents along the way.

Unfortunate incident #1 was the fact that Carbomb broke up about a week and a half into the tour.  After a crazy day which included witnessing a drive by shooting and canceling a show we were supposed to play at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago (with Braid & Rye Coalition), the drummer and bass player of Carbomb ended up leaving the tour the next day needing to take care of some personal details back in Texas.  Not wanting to cancel the rest of the trip, Chris and Mike of Carbomb asked Trigger Quintet's drummer Tim and touring guitarist Jeb if they could fill in on drums and bass respectively for Carbomb on the rest of the tour.

We had one day off before the next show in Grand Haven MI, so they had to learn the songs quick.  The next day, Chris and Mike taught the Carbomb songs to Tim and Jeb, while sitting in the back of the van parked near the park we slept in, just a few hours prior to the show that night in Derek's garage in Grand Haven.  I just happened to take a couple photos while they were learning the songs that day:

Chris showing Tim a song while Jeb plays my bass

Looking on while Tim & Jeb learn Carbomb songs in the back of the van

That night, the show went off without much of a hitch in Derek's garage.

Fast forward 17 years to... NOW.  Yesterday, I received an email from Derek whose garage we played in (whom I had reconnected with a few years ago through the great blog Used Bin Forever) mentioning that he had uploaded the Trigger Quintet and Carbomb videos that were taped in his garage that night to youtube!

Trigger Quintet played first.  I have no recollection of the cops showing up, but apparently they did:

CarbBomb played next... and this was the first time Tim & Jeb had ever played with Chris and Mike in Carbomb after learning the songs a few hours before the show:

Mega-super thanks to Derek for uploading this video and emailing me to let me know about it!


  1. is that the same Jeb from Bucketfull?.

  2. Yes, same Jeb. He came with us on tour in Brian's place - Brian couldn't get time off of work to tour.

  3. that was awesome! It's so good to see Jeb again.

  4. Odd that i somehow happened upon this looking for cover art for ripped 7 inches...i lived in Knoxville during this time, and i booked carbomb & trigger quintet. my band played with them at an outdoor matinee show on Market Square in knoxville just days before (if i recall) the mayhem and the breakup. i recall hearing a few weeks after what had happened...

    have fond memories of that show...wish i had a video of it...