Tuesday, April 29, 2014

v/a: "Texas Funk" Compilation

Here's the "Texas Funk Compilation", a CD collecting tracks from all of the most popular bands from the late 80's/early 90's funk scene that was so hugely popular in Texas. I always hated this scene and the majority of the people who liked these bands, but someone asked for this a (long) while back and again just very recently, so here it is. I always thought that the Big Boys being on this CD added some undeserved credibility to this release and never understood why they were on it... But, if some kid bought this record because of the Bouffant Jellyfish tracks (just as an example) resulting in him/her hearing the Big Boys for the first time, I guess I cannot argue with that.

This CD, according to the insert, was a collective venture of all the bands involved and the label retained no profits from it.

It turns out that this CD is still available (?!?) from the label here, along with many other old Sprawl records, the old Axiom compilation LP, and some other stuff. Therefore, this will be available on this site only for a short, limited time. If you download it and enjoy it, then your taste in music is probably questionable.... and, oh yeah, please also consider buying it.

1990 Rastaman Work Ethic

1. Big Boys - "Spit"
2. BillyGoat - "Leche"
3. Sprawl - "Shum"
4. Retarted Elf - "Thunder Pimp"
5. Fleshmop - "Feeble Minds"
6. DoDat - "School's Out"
7. Slackface - "Time"
8. Joe Rockhead - "Red Zone"
9. Bouffant Jellyfish - "Meat And Power"
10. Stick People - "Brandy Dance"
11. DayLights - "Spiritual"
12. Sprawl - "The Guise Of A Salesman"
13. Slackface - "Loud And Proud"
14. BillyGoat - "Clothes Off"
15. Retarted Elf - "High Road"
16. Big Boys - "Funk Off"
17. Bouffant Jellyfish - "Whatever"
18. Sprawl - "The Government Issued a Drought"
19. DoDat - "Whistle (live)"
20. Slackface - "Planet Xenon"


  1. I hated this shit too and sometimes I'd have the pleasure of hanging out with Tim Kerr and I'd start going off about bullshit dreadlocks funk boy bands and then he'd say Hey wait a minute I'm in Bad Mutha Goose and then I'd be all Oh yeah, well you're cool Tim but I can't stand that shit.

  2. Someone forgot hominy bob and cactus smack conspiracy.both were phenomenal live acts.saw 'em at the fuzzgun back in the day.they were bad ass