Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pain Teens - "Death Row Eyes/The Smell" 7"

The Pain Teens were a weirdo/experimental noise rock band from Houston who existed from 1985 until sometime in the mid 90's. With their use of samples and tape loops over a wall of often psychedelic guitar based noise rock, they were a perfect fit for the noisy & weird early roster of Austin's Trance Syndicate records, and ended up releasing multiple full lengths on the label. In addition, they also had multiple releases on their own Anomie label, as well as singles on Rave, C/Z, Smilin' Ear, and this single, on Sub Pop Records. Reported to be limited to 3285 copies with 4 different colored vinyl versions, this was the May 1992 installment in the Sub Pop Singles Club and therefore immediately by default became a collectable and desirable piece of vinyl.

1992 Sub Pop Records

1. Death Row Eyes
2. The Smell

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  1. yeah scott ayers was a great guitarist.
    pretty nifty behind the board as well.