Friday, August 20, 2010

Glorium - "Cinema Peligrosa" CD/LP

I've been thinking about Glorium recently, mainly because they're playing TONIGHT at Mohawk in Austin TX as part of Aasim's annual birthday party show! And in doing this thinking, I realized that i've never posted their first full-length, "Cinema Peligrosa"!

Released back in 1994 on Undone Records, and instantly became a favorite of mine. Hopefully they'll play some of these songs tonight at the show!

For more info about the show, check out the Facebook invite here.

1994 Undone Records

1. The Misinformed Vs. The Uninformed
2. 70 X 7
3. The Final Dis
4. Death Of The Insect Queen
5. Mutant Lover Special
6. Victim
7. The Fossil
8. Matches For The Fuse
9. Having The Devil On Your Side
10. Under The Lid
11. Blue Lights Beckon
12. Possession Weapon
13. A Place To Crash
14. Cinema Plastique

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  1. I need to take a new photo of these guys. This was done at Music Lab in a rushed state.