Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot Klub 30th Anniversary Show!

Continuing in what seems to be a series of each major city in Texas going through bouts of old punk rock nostalgia, Trees in Dallas will be hosting a HOT KLUB 30th ANNIVERSARY SHOW one week from today!

The HOT KLUB was a punk rock club in Dallas which existed from 1980 to 1983. Many, many local and tour punk bands shared the stage at the Hot Klub, as it was *the* destination for punk in Dallas during these years. The 30th Anniversary of the Hot Klub includes 5 bands from the original Texas punk/new wave scene, two bands featuring members of popular bands from that era, and one new-ish band.

Performing 7/24 at Trees as part of the celebration will be:

The Nervebreakers
Bag O' Wire
Fallen Idols
Lois's Last Nerve (members of Superman's Girlfriend/Mucous)
Graceland (members of Superman's Girlfriend/Stick Men With Ray Guns/Vomit Pigs/Bag O' Wire/Deprogrammer)
Ten Can Riot

For all the latest, check out this event page for this show on facebook, HERE.


  1. During the mid 90's a VVV reunion show occurred at a theatre in Dallas. The wife and I went and most of the bands still sounded pretty damn good, especially Bobby Soxx.

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