Friday, June 18, 2010

Negative Step - "Conquering Punk" 10 inch

Negative Step were are short-lived but great Austin TX hardcore band featuring ex-members of Big Horny Hustler, Society Of Friends, Crown Roast/Rig, Tune In Tokyo, SAP, Rodan, Sunspring, and many others. More punk and less hardcore than Society Of Friends (of which August sang for both), yet still very fast and powerful. Negative Step would be around to release a demo tape, a split 7" with Pretty Little Flower and this 10" before disbanding. Members would later go on to be in Lords Of Light, Walls, TODD, Shit And Shine, Coconut Coolouts and others which I cannot think of right now.

2001 Deep Six Records

1. My Hope
2. Dead In Two Capitols
3. What You Pay For
4. Get Things Straight
5. Negative Race
6. Out In Front
7. Same Old Fight
8. Fun
9. Life And Death
10. Crossover
11. Return Of The Man
12. Core Memory

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