Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Janitor - 1st 7 inch

Janitor were a Houston TX hardcore/punk band that formed in 1994 and existed until 2004. This record was their first - recorded in 1996 but not released until 1998, self released by the band, on green vinyl. The band released a demo tape and a few different 7" singles before disbanding, all of which are available on a discography CD on Plethorazine Records (which will be posted here eventually).

Janitor contained ex-members of the Suspects and future members of The P.M.R.C., The Magnetic IV, Le Thargic and The No No No Hopes, among others.

1996 Janitor

1. Tahabi
2. Desperate
3. Against
4. Blank Stare
5. Retribution
6. Leaves You Standing
7. Damage
8. Nothing Is Left
9. Progress?
10. Victim


  1. That power trio was a freakin' joy to watch blow the roof off the joint.
    Between Claudio attacking the skins like they had insulted his momma, Charlie throwing insults at the audience and providing a bullrush of bass, and Mike playing faster very second and screaming himself hoarse...I am crying a bit as I remember the glory that was JANITOR. HA!
    I think I missed just one gig!

  2. CRIME WAVE houston Punk...feat. members of Janitor, No Talk.