Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blue Flamingo Tribute Shows - "Special Guest" revealed, set times, etc...

The cat is out of the bag: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead is the "Special Guest" headlining the Blue Flamingo Tribute Thursday April 29th, at Plush (formerly The Blue Flamingo). For this show, they'll be playing as their original two-piece lineup! Their shows from back then have grown to be legendary - chaos ensued in one form or another at all of them. Although this was recorded a little later (not as a 2-piece), check out this video of them playing at the Blue Flamingo back in 1997:

The set times for the Blue Flamingo shows are as follows:

Thursday April 29th @ PLUSH (formerly Blue Flamingo)
7th and Red River, Austin TX:

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (1:35am - 2am)
FuckEmos (12:45pm - 1:20am)
Lower Class Brats (12am - 12:30am)
Chumps (11:15pm - 11:45pm)
Down Syndrome Army (9:50pm - 10:15pm)

Saturday May 1st @ EMO'S (inside stage)
603 Red River st, Austin TX:

The Johnny Motard Experience (playing MOTARDS songs!) (1am - 1:45am)
G.O.M.E.Z. (playing Gomez(TX) songs!) (12am - 12:45am)
The Crack Pipes (11:15pm - 11:45pm)
The Paranoids (10:35pm - 11pm)
Dead End Cruisers (9:55pm - 10:20pm)
The Shindigs (9:15pm - 9:40pm)
Charlie's Angels (8:45pm - 9pm)

Shit's gonna be fun! Cover is cheap and all the money is going to be donated to the SIMS Foundation. See you there!

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