Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Motards - "To Scare The Hell Out Of Your Neighbors" EP

Shit! I've been so busy with the bullshit minutia of life that I forgot about the upcoming BLUE FLAMINGO REUNION SHOWS!! They're this weekend at Plush & Emo's, and it's going to be a good time for sure. Saturday May 1st, 3/5ths of the Motards (a.k.a. The Johnny Motard Experience, or the Mostards!) are going to be reuniting (along with members of Toby's current band, Open Casket, taking the place of Dave Head and Suzanne) playing all of your favorite Motards songs. Maybe they'll play a song or two off this rager of a 7", if your lucky!

1995 Turkey Baster Records

1. Put Me Down
2. Hangover
3. The Slow Song
4. Why Am I Even Here


  1. The wife is still pissed at me for taking her to see the Motards on Valentines Day instead of some romantic dinner. Personally, I thought I did the right thing but. . .Thanks!!!