Monday, May 17, 2010

CarBomb - "Young Heart Attack" demo

Well, it's been a while. Let me get back in the swing of things by putting up some demos! A good amount of the songs from CarBomb "Young Heart Attack" demo ended up on other releases, and I think most (or maybe all?) of them are on the CarBomb CD... but they sound a bit different coming straight off cassette tape then they do on the CD. Regardless, this is still great all these years later. The download includes a full hi-res scan of the cassette insert (not just what you see pictured above).

1994 CarBomb

1. Bomb Threat
2. 50's Boy Lover
3. Love Song For The Love Birds
4. Radio Bomb Squad
5. Constitution Revolution
6. Vaccuum Tube 56
7. Stereotonic
8. Pillow Talk
9. Lipstick Explosion
10. Grease Slick Motorist
11. Cherry Bomb
12. Dudly Foremost
13. Breaka Nine
14. Class Program
15. Sin City


  1. Would you mind re-posting this, please? The Mediafire link is down. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Kris, thanks for letting me know. Just re-upped!