Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brick - "LD35" 7"

Brick was powerviolence before powerviolence was cool, featuring an all-star cast of members which sometimes included members of CarBomb, Kid's Meal, Gomez, Minority, Paul Newman, 100WattClock and others. Unlike most hardcore in this vein, the songs actually had hooks. Great stuff.

1996? Flat End Records

1. Annoyed
2. Give Me Back
3. Slave
4. Exhale
5. On The Tracks
6. No Idea
7. Medicine
8. Hairpiece
9. Man
10. Bludgeon

DL: Brick - "LD35" 7"


  1. Anyone want to upload their one sided 7" as well? Noble also sang in New Year- anyone have that?

  2. Tim, the one-sided Brick 7" is still available from and therefore will not appear on this blog.

  3. "over worked, under paid. Slave!"

  4. This one has been re-upped, so the DL should be working again.

  5. is no longer active......
    any chance that one-sided 7" could appear here now?

  6. is active, and the one-sided 7" is available here: