Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fourth Grade Nothing

Fourth Grade nothing existed in Austin during the early/mid 90's. Probably easiest described as "pop punk", but better than you think. Members of Yuck, Gomez, Macho Muchachos, Sea of Thousand, Beardo, ASP, and many, many others.

Thanks to Jeramy for providing these.

unreleased LP and Jack Frost EP

Fourth Grade Nothing

band photo stolen from their myspace page


  1. I saw these guys (as a trio?) open for Rich Kids on LSD at Emos in 95ish. I wanna say Keith Palumbo(?) of Gomez was on drums. Incredible show and as soon as they finished up their set I spent $4 on their demo cassette which got blasted a lot. Soooooo good. No idea where that tape got off to... parents attic?