Friday, November 27, 2009

v/a: "Texas - A Collection Of Texas Garage Punkers" compilation

This compilation was a good sampler of garage/punk/surf bands around in the mid-90's from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.

1997 Au-Go-Go Records

1. The Satans "Snake Eyes"
2. The Drop Outs "One Ugly Child"
3. Lord High Fixers "It's About Revolution"
4. Death Valley "Herminator"
5. Sugar Shack "If Love Paid"
6. The Sons Of Hercules "Angry Girl Use"
7. The Motards "Cash America"
8. The Cryin' Out Louds "Foggy Night"
9. Jack O' Fire "Western Arizona"
10. Inhalants "Ain't Got No Feelings"
11. Fireworks "Wicked Woman"
12. Jesus Christ Superfly "Outta Sight"
13. The Hormones "I Can't Sleep"
14. The Counts "Phantom Rickshaw"
15. The 1-4-5's "Volvo Hatchback"
16. Sugar Shack "Two Headed Woman"
17. Inhalants "Gun Shopping"
18. The Satans "Go Down"
19. Death Valley "Have Rocket Will Travel"
20. The Cryin' Out Louds "Swamp Woman"
21. The Motards "Johnny Tremain"
22. The Sons Of Hercules "Gimme Some"
23. The Drop Outs "Night of the Phantom"
24. Jesus Christ Superfly "Looking Back"
25. The Hormones "Fun, Fun, Fun"

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