Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sleeping Body - "Awaken" 7", demo, live @ WFMU

Sleeping Body were an emotional hardcore band from Ft Worth, Texas.  They existed a relatively short time from 1991 to 1992, and yet were very influential as they were one of the first bands in Texas to play this type of strained emotional hardcore in the 90's.  I saw them twice during their short existence:  once at a hardcore show in Dallas that myself and a few friends drove up for, and again at the 1992 Republican National Convention, in the "Protesters Area" (which was a small grassy area across the street from the RNC which was taking place at the Astrodome, in Houston.)

The vocalist and lyricist of Sleeping Body was named Chad, although by the time I met him when I was working at Sound Exchange Austin in the late 90's, he was was known throughout the scene as "Cadillac Fraf".  Fraf died as a result of a scooter accident in 2009 - additional details of which can be read about on his memorial page, here.

There are three different recordings included in this download:  Their 7", released on Vermin Scum Records out of Maryland, their self released three song demo tape, and six songs from a live 1992 WFMU radio broadcast.

Supposedly there are two unreleased songs from the "Awaken" 7" sessions out there somewhere.  If anyone has copies of those, please get in touch - I would love to hear them.

Sleeping Body - "Awaken" 7"
1.  Logogram / Post Prison Writing
2.  Rise To Fall
3.  Home Is Foreign

Sleeping Body - demo
1.  Bleeding Heart Shit
2.  Cataract
3.  Suck And Swallow

Sleeping Body - live on WFMU, 1992
1.  Home Is Foreign
2.  Logogram
3.  Suck And Swallow
4.  And They Fuck Us
5.  This - The Message Sent
6.  Rise To Fall

DL:  Sleeping Body - "Awaken" 7", demo, and WFMU performance (via MF)

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