Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Groms - "On Your Own" tape

The Groms were a mid-90's punk band from the Houston suburb of Spring, TX.  The Groms, while being well liked at the time and often requested on this blog, will be ultimately remembered for two reasons:  1.  For being one of the opening bands on the November 1995 Jawbreaker/That Dog show at the Abyss in Houston, and 2.  Because, after this band, guitarist Zac would go on to be in some well respected d-beat hardcore bands, including World Burns To Death and Kegcharge (among others).

199? Reach Out Records

1.  Victim
2.  Everyday
3.  Generic Fight Song
4.  1-800-Sellout
5.  Everyone Else
6.  On Your Own
7.  American Culture
8.  Hypnochrist
9.  Regulated

DL:  The Groms - "On Your Own" cassette (via MF)

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