Monday, February 14, 2011

The Prima Donnas - Live On KVRX (UNEDITED EDITION!)

While sifting through all of the submissions that people have sent over the past year and realizing how behind I am on posting stuff, I found this gem. Back in 1997, Austin's (by the way of Sussex, UK) Prima Donnas played a live set in the studio of KVRX for their "Local Live" show, which was broadcast over the air. The band later released a CD of this performance (pictured above), and while the CD had some bonus songs and other things on it, it was unfortunately "cleaned up" for release, missing the between song talking and the interview which the band did live on air.

The recording posted here is the original broadcast, recorded straight off the radio, complete with all of the awkward between song banter and the great interview where they discuss Devo, Texas seceding, and the bands storied beginnings back in the UK. The person who calls in during the interview asking them to play "Whip It" sounds like old friend Seth Johnson... is it?

Thanks to Willie for sending this (and a bunch of other great stuff) to me. My apologies for taking well over a year to get it up here. Check out the other Prima Donnas posts up on the blog HERE and HERE.

1. Song For All The World's Children
2. Yr So Cool
3. Skin Of Another Man
4. Torture
5. She Had Alien Written All Over Her
6. Love You, Schizo Sickie
7. Hong Kong Boogie

8 . Interview

9. Constant Attention
10. Fuck You Like A Dead Body
11. Cock Sucking Machine
12. Six Years (Doin' Time In A Nightclub)

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