Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Huns - "Busy Kids" b/w "Glad He's Dead" 7"

If you're looking at this site, you should already be aware of this record and downloaded it elsewhere, as it's already been posted on every old KBD style music blog in the world... But, in the interest of covering all of the bases on this blog, here we go. There are many other sites which discuss the legacy of the Austin band The Huns much better than I could even attempt. Check out the in depth Break My Face site on The Huns for the backstory. I have some old Huns video which I obtained when working at Sound Exchange which I was thinking about uploading to youtube... But upon searching, it appears someone else has already uploaded the same show:

Anyway, back to the 7". This record has been bootlegged many, many times with a different, B&W xerox copied cover image from the infamous Raul's show of the vocalist being arrested being the most common. The image above is the original front cover of the record.

God Records, 1979

1. Busy Kids
2. Glad He's Dead


  1. The Huns ‎– Live At The Palladium (1979)