Wednesday, October 20, 2010

v/a: "Live At Raul's" Compilation

This LP came out in 1979 and showcased a handful of first wave Texas punk bands, all recorded live at Raul's in Austin. Per the wikipedia entry for this record, these performances were scheduled during the afternoon hours specifically for this recording, and as a result the crowd was very small resulting in an underwhelming "live" experience for the recording. The LP was re-issued on CD in 1995, and the re-issue included a couple bonus tracks from Rocky Erickson. This reissue is now out of print as well.

The building that was Raul's, which is at 2610 Guadalupe St in Austin, became the Texas Showdown Saloon after the closing of Raul's in 1981. Despite not regularly having live music, The Showdown became a much beloved Austin institution until it was forced to close in May of 2008 after losing the lease to the building. The tenants have changed owners a couple times since the Showdown, and along the way the newer tenants have made an attempt to preserve some of the history of the building (including a Raul's era- painting on a wall which was revealed during remodeling after The Showdown closed).

1979 Raul's Records

1. The Explosives - "I Go Insane"
2. Standing Waves - "Stand Still"
3. Terminal Mind - "Bridges Are For Burning"
4. The Next - "Real Love"
5. The Skunks - "Cheap Girl"
6. The Explosives - "Tommy And Toni"
7. Standing Waves - "Young Experience"
8. Terminal Mind - "Radioactive"
9. The Next - "Teen Challenge"
10. The Skunks - "Push Me Around"

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