Thursday, June 10, 2010

Junior Varsity - "Ice Cream Social" 7"

Primitive yet fun bubblegum 50's/60's frat garage-rock performed by a two guy, one girl trio in cheerleader outfits singing songs about hout rods, boys, ice cream, and mexican food restaurants?!? If you think that sounds like your idea of hell, you're amazingly wrong in this case. This 7" single was the first of many releases by Houston's Junior Varsity, and it's great. Featuring the "classic" first line-up of Kim, Matt and Sean, this single remains as a favorite from that mid-90's era of Houston bands.

Woah! When I pulled my copy of this record from the shelves and looked inside, I found a set-list from an old JV show:

It appears that this record is amazingly still in print! And it's dirt cheap! If you download this and enjoy it, please PLEASE consider buying a copy from Peek-A-Boo Records HERE.

Because this is still in print, it will only be available to download here for a very limited time.

1996 Peek-A-Boo Records

1. Two Scoops
2. Wizz-Bang Boy
3. The Waitress
4. Hot Rod
5. La Tapatia

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