Thursday, March 25, 2010

v/a: "Broke As Hell" cassette compilation

This cassette compilation featured five of Austin's finest punk and hardcore bands circa 1995, as well as an oddly out of place track from Dan Bolton of the Supersuckers. This is notable as I *think* it was the first non-demo release for Carbomb, Dynamite Boy, and 4th Grade Nothing... all three of which would go on to relative amounts of popularity within their respective scenes. The Carbomb songs on here don't appear on any other release of theirs that I have, one of which is their great cover of the Wipers "Over The Edge" (don't let the Carbomb song titles fool you - they were given the names of two friends last names instead of their actual names).

1995? Rollo Records

1. Loophole - "Hate Must Be Abolished"
2. Spill - "Falling Down"
3. Carbomb - "Wofford"
4. Dynamite Boy - "Start Again"
5. 4th Grade Nothing - "Stanislaw"
6. Spill - "Muffler"
7. 4th Grade Nothing - "Down And Thru"
8. Dynamite Boy - "B-Team"
9. Loophole - "Truth Is Not Cheap"
10. Carbomb - "Dixon"
11. Dan Bolton - "King Of The Hill"

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