Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Olive Group/Those Peabodys - split 7"

This split 7" came out in 2000, pairing the indie rock tuneage of the Olive Group with the rock'n'roll riffage of Those Peabodys for both bands first release. The Olive Group contained ex-Le Venga Del Toro and future members of Brothers And Sisters and Attack Formation (and it's many offshoots). Those Peabodys had many minor lineup changes over the years, but the core members contained ex-Radioland Hitsquad, Ursa Minor and, just like The Olive Group, future members of Attack Formation (and it's many offshoots). Both bands would eventually have CD releases on Post-Parlo Records, while Those Peabodys would also eventually record for Tiger Style Records out of New York.

Thanks to Tim for donating this 7" and many others to us.

2000 Dutch White Records

1. The Olive Group - "Wait For The Sun"
2. Those Peabodys - "Harlequin Sweet Lips"

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