Friday, February 19, 2010

FuckEmos - "Can Kill You" CD

FuckEmos "Can Kill You" CD was originally released in 1994 on Rise Records, and then reissued (with the inferior cover image above) in 1998 on Man's Ruin Records. Originally named Warthog 2001, the band's frontman Russell would change the name to FuckEmos after a late night altercation with Emo's security. This release was their first full-length, a mess of Butthole Surfers influenced weirdness mixed with standard noiserock tunes. Later records would become cleaner sounding and lose some charm, but this record is considered a classic. After their demise, members were in a number of bands including USS Friendship and Babydick, among many others.

FuckEmo's will be part of the upcoming BLUE FLAMINGO REUNION, and will be playing a reunion show on Thursday April 29th @ Plush (aka the former location of the Blue Flamingo!!) More info about the Blue Flamingo Reunion/Tribute shows can be found HERE.

1994 Rise Records
1998 Man's Ruin Records

1. The Screams Of Wild Women
2. Do You Wanna Dance?
3. I Can't Smell Joseppi
4. 2 Punk 2 Fuck
5. Work
6. 80 Gay Sailors
7. Berlin '45
8. Your Lies
9. Fuckemos
10. Putrid Human Waste
11. Pedophile
12. Opus Russ
13. Fuckemos Play At Parties

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