Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Thousand Yard Stare - 7"

Hardcore punk from Dallas, Tx containing members of Kodiak, Fuck Work, Meadowlark, Jeweled Handles, Storm the Tower, J CHurch, and so many more...

Sadly, the track names are not included on the seven inch insert (and nobody I asked could remember), so we are left with a "side a/side b" track listing. If anyone happens to know the names, email me. Also, couldnt separate the tracks, so each side is two songs.

UPDATE: The files have been updated, so they're now individual songs. Still don't know the song titles... if you do, get in touch.

Highwater Records. 1995.

DL: Two Thousand Yard Stare - 7"


  1. Please Re-up this! The link is not working, and I have been waiting to hear this for years!

  2. Okay, it's been re-upped. This time, it's broken into individual songs and now at 320 kbps! Still don't know the names of the songs, though! Enjoy!

  3. I asked Daniel Hicks (singer) and he says that there were no titles to the songs. Although he has lied to me before...

  4. I seem to recall the sound engineer comparing Dave's bass runs to the beatles.. I didnt see it myself but he took it with his usual grace.. Was a wierd time for all of us I think but the moment was awesome.. This stuff still stands up amazingly well, especially compared to their peers.. Song #2 and #3 still gives me chills


    Kip, Dave, Chris, etc hit me up at miss you guys

  5. I have this, never seen anyone ever ever talk about it, surprised to see it here, cool though!