Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ed Hall - "Gloryhole" LP/CD

"Gloryhole" was Ed Hall's 3rd LP, their first for Trance, and by far their best in my opinion. Ed Hall included future members of Pong, and this one record in particular included a future member of Cherubs. Churning out their brand of Butthole Surfers influenced weirdo noise rock, they released 5 LP's total before breaking up in 1996.

1992 Trance Syndicate

1. Rachel Hourglass
2. Hortense Buttermilk
3. Luke Flukenstock
4. Scam Cobliber
5. Bernie Sticky
6. Destamona P.
7. Guido O'Brien
8. Roger Mexico
9. Buster Enamel
10. Sandra Gubernatorial