Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sixteen Deluxe - "Idea" 7"

Sixteen Deluxe were a psychedelic noisy pop band hailing from Austin. By no means have I ever claimed to be a huge Sixteen Deluxe fan, but i've always thought that the song "Idea" is a near perfect pop song. After releases on Trance Syndicate, Propeller, Genius, Warner Brothers, and Sugar Fix Records, the band broke up in the year 2000. This 7" was their vinyl debut.

It has been announced that Sixteen Deluxe will be doing reunion shows around SXSW this year, and this will coincide with Mark Fagan (Bayou Pigs, Noodle, the Paranoids) releasing a CD collecting the Sixteen Deluxe demo and some live material on his long-running label, Bunkhaus Records.

1995 Trance Syndicate

1. Idea
2. Honey

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  1. Living / going to school in Abilene in the mid-90s meant my connection to Austin was via the online edition of the Austin Chronicle basically. I remember reading with interest about the craziness surrounding Sixteen Deluxe, and being a Trance junkie I knew I needed to check 'em out. On a visit to Austin to see ????? my buddy put this record on the player... I listened to it over and over and over. Amazingly good and one of the best Austin records EVER in my opinion. Better than the lp/cd version.