Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marching Plague - "Rock 'n' Roll Asshole" EP

Early 80's hardcore from San Antonio, a classic. The title track from this also appeared on the "Cottage Cheese From The Lips Of Death" compilation LP, and is therefore their most well known track... and rightfully so, it's great.

1983 C.I.A. Records

1. Rock and Roll Asshole
2. World War 4
3. Mom And Dad
4. When I Die
5. Oh No



  1. Art work by Paul Roche who also did the art for the first FIFH 7 inch along with numerous comic book projects.

  2. great post!your land gave us so great bands...Big boys (pure genious) Dicks (simply great) Offenders (pure power)Butthole surfers (brrr....incredible) MDC (woooww..)Ak-47 (just two songs I think..but memorable!!)Bobby Soxx (really sick!)Hates (so original!)Ejectors (when you listen "hydrohead" it still remains in your head!) Really Red (I can't explain how much are they're great...)Verbal Abuse..and ZZ Top (What's the matter boy?)
    thanks Texas, I hope one day go there..
    greetings from italy (near poviglio, Raw power homeland..)francesco

  3. I was lucky enough to be in the Austin scene from 1981-1984. Long live the memory of The Ritz!

    RIP Biscuit

  4. re post please...zippy would DO!...