Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gut/Multitude Of The Slothful - "Multitude Of The Gutful" split 7"

Call it what you want: "Multitude Of The Gutful", "Satan's Friend", or the Gut/Multitude Of The Slothful split 7"... I call it a great split by two Austin bands. There are two songs each by Gut and Multitude of the Slothful - the song listed on the record insert, and then one additional unnamed song by each. Gut has been mentioned quite a bit elsewhere on this blog, so see those posts for more information about them. Members of Multitude of the Slothful, who were transplants from Las Cruces, NM, went on to later be in Paul Newman, Dracula Sucks, The American Analog Set, and Selenese, among others.

1994 Public Jerker Records

1. Gut - "Moo Goo Gai Pregnat"
2. Gut - Untitled
3. Multitude Of The Slothful "I'm A Bowl Of Fruit"

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