Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gomez - "23" picture disc 7"

Excellent picture disc 7" from Gomez, released in 1995 on Scooch Pooch Records. This record really benefited from some good production by John Croslin as well as some great songwriting which helped give Gomez a more mature, full sound. I very distinctly remember Paul playing this for me and a couple other friends for the first time, just after it was recorded, in his car parked in the alley behind Emo's and being really impressed at the time by how great it sounded.

Gomez will be part of the upcoming BLUE FLAMINGO REUNION, and will be playing a reunion show on Saturday May 1st @ Emo's!! More info about that can be found HERE, eventually.

1995 Scooch Pooch Records

1. 23
2. Pocket Rocket
3. Dishrag

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