Friday, January 1, 2010

Celindine - discography

Celindine was around after I left Houston, so I can't really say much about them. In fact, until now, the only thing I ever heard was the song from the "It Came From Nowhere" compilation.

Their WikiPage says: "Jangly, raw, country-tinged indie-rock band, reminiscent of Silkworm, The Grifters, and Archers of Loaf", and I totally agree. Kinda up that alley.

Thanks to Trey (celindine, sad like crazy, the gary) for the link, which is everything the band recorded.

Members of Blueprint, Trompedo, Refuse to Fall, and Sad Like Crazy.

76.2% Records

1. Currency
2. Your Ghost
3. Secret Triangle
4. Covered In Ants
5. Flying Like Sitting Ducks
6. No Crest
7. Ode To Sweet Lou
8. Snuffer
9. Sick To Find
10. Starry Eyes
11. 2nd Floor Blue Wing
12. How's Your Future
13. 380
14. Good Day
15. Ole
16. Pantomime


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