Monday, December 7, 2009

v/a: "A Curious Mix Of People... Live at the Blue Flamingo" LP

All of your favorite Austin garage and punk bands circa 94-95, recorded live to cassette. The comp is raw and great, profiling what you might have seen on any weekend night at the Blue Flamingo. Audiophiles should probably pass this post on by.

1995 King Mob Records

1. The Motards "Welcome To The Blue Flamingo"
2. The Motards "No No The Girlfriend"
3. The Motards "Yo (Loves) Mexico"
4. The Motards "Slow Song"
5. The Motards "Unhappy"
6. The Satans "Slugger"
7. The Satans "Snake Eyes"
8. The Peenbeets "A Message From Our Sponsor"
9. The Peenbeets "Earth Boy/Girls Are Keen!"
10. The Peenbeets "A MeMento From Our Show"
11. The Peenbeets "Design For Dedication"
12. The Peenbeets "I Remember Joe"
13. The Hormones "Over The Edge"
14. The Paranoids "A Note To The Tourists/Go!"
15. The Paranoids "Staring At Sound"
16. The Paranoids "My Life"
17. The Chumps "Sleazy Chump Song"
18. The Chumps "Russian Roulette"
19. Stretford "Mrs. Jones"
20. Stretford "I Used To Know"
21. Inhalants "Middle Ages"
22. Inhalants "Gun Shopping"
23. Inhalants "It Was Hyperreal"
24. Inhalants "Busy Kids"
25. Laura "Laura's Last Stand"

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  1. I actually played bass on those Peenbeets tracks. Henry Duys was locked up in the Austin State Hospital. You can tell because the bass is so terrible.

    Brit J.