Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gut/Glorium - split 7"

Great split 7" from Gut and Glorium, released on Powernap Records out of Houston. The first pressing of this record had a pressing defect on the Gut side causing it to skip about 40 seconds in. I don't recall HOW it happened, but it resulted in hundreds of records being pressed with the defect. Crafty people figured out that the record wouldn't skip if you placed a quarter on top of your record stylus, weighing it down. A subsequent pressing of the record corrected the issue. The original version that I have was distributed with a yellow inner paper sleeve (matching the color of the cover) on black vinyl, while the re-press was on marbled grey vinyl with a plain white inner sleeve.

1994 Powernap Records

1. Gut "Satanic Caviar"
2. Glorium "G93"

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