Thursday, October 22, 2009

El Santo - 7"

El Santo was an amazing band, from San Antonio.

Ex-members of Galaxian, Cordial, and Cleofus Trujillo Trio, among others.

1992 Buddy System Records

1. Kill The Past
2. Manifest Desperation
3. Zamboni
4. Eddie The Dane


  1. The record that changed it all for me. GD I wish I still had that cockroach sticker that came with it!

  2. wow, your comment is making me tear up, kechandara. i just found one o' them stickers going through some old boxes. i stole the roach for the design from a cockroach skateboard wheel :)

    for the record, all the ex-bands listed came immediately after el santo, and others later on include snowbyrd, los despeinados, thee tonebenders & river city playboys. and i spent a year in boxcar satan right after el santo split before giving up on live music and becoming a retired dj.