Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bucketfull - 7"

Bucketfull = early 90's Houston goodness. Ex-Native Semblance. Future members of Trigger Quintet, Atwater, Desert Jet Set, The Hades Kick, Rhythm Of Black Lines, and more.

1993 201 Records

1. Remedy
2. Of This Existance
3. Snow


  1. do you know who was responsible for 201 records?

  2. 201 Records was run by a friend of Mike's who lived in Arizona. That's all I remember.

    Another interesting thing about this record is that there was a mixup when it went to the pressing plant, resulting in the songs on the vinyl being different than what is on the jacket or the label of the record. A song titled "Persuasions" was supposed to be the first song here, but was left off "due to a breakdown in communication between all parties involved" (according to the insert). I don't think "Persuasions" ever ended up being released.

  3. Dave from The Gary is the friend in Arizona.