Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Crippled By Society - "Total Rebellion" demo

What can I tell you about San Antonio's CxBxSx?  Not much.  I visited San Antonio on a family vacation as a young teenager, and tho they were all excited to go to Seaworld and the caves, I wanted to go to the infamous Hogwild Record store.  After ding donging my parents half the trip they let me go there, and it was like a wonderous candy shop for this young punk, hardcore, and metal fanatic.  I had saved up my money for quite awhile, hoping I could go there.  I don't remember everything I bought, but I do remember buying 3 cassettes: the Fearless Iranians From Hell, Cerebral Distortion, and these guys.  

I played the hell out of this demo.  Recorded at Bluecat studios in early '88, it featured some great metallic hardcore.  I really wish they had put a record out, but I guess all they did were demos (they did have a song on the "Bands Only a Mutha Could Love Vol. 1" compilation on Mutha records).  There are several songs by them on youtube, but none from this demo.  It sounds like they were a bit more mid-paced/ metallic on whatever release those songs came from.


At any rate, the only other info I can find on them is a picture of the house that their address corresponds with (on the Hardcore Architecture site) with a blurb from their review in MaximumRockNRoll, and some flyers for shows they were on.

Unfortunately, the tape is old so it's just a tad warped, but it doesn't sound too bad for being almost 30 years old and played a bunch.  The songs "Am I Wrong" and "No Way Out" were recorded together so I didn't split them up.

1988; self released

1. Total Rebellion
2. Where's the Freedom
3. Am I Wrong/ No Way Out
4. Diehard!


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